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  • Wild Rice

    Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice – Premium Dark Roasted


    Our Premium Dark Roasted Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice is the perfect addition to any meal. This hearty and flavorful rice is grown and harvested in Minnesota, then carefully roasted to bring out its nutty and earthy flavor. With a cook time of about 45 minutes, it makes a delicious and nutritious side dish or base for a variety of recipes. Give your meals a delicious twist with our Premium Dark Roasted Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice.


    Offered in 6oz, 12oz bag, 12oz box, 16oz, 80oz/5lbs.

  • Wild Rice

    Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice – Quick Cook/ Traditional Finish


    With a cook time of just 20-25 minutes, our Quick Cook Wild Rice is a convenient and delicious addition to any meal. Stock up on our healthy, nutritious, non-GMO wild rice today! 

  • Food

    Wild Chokecherry Syrup


    Our Chokecherry (Asasawemin) Syrup comes in an 8-ounce glass bottle and is made with a simple yet delicious blend of wild chokecherry juice, sugar, citric acid, and pectin. Unlike many other syrups on the market, our Chokecherry Syrup is free of preservatives, ensuring a natural and nutritious ingredient. Add this delicious treat to your cart today!


  • Food

    Maple Syrup


    Indulge in the pure, natural sweetness of Real Maple Syrup from Minnesota. Our syrup is sourced from the finest maple trees and boiled down to perfection, resulting in a rich, amber-colored syrup with a delectable, distinct flavor. Pour it over your favorite pancakes, waffles, or French toast for a truly satisfying breakfast or brunch experience. Our 8 ounce glass bottle is perfect for gifting or keeping on hand in your own kitchen.

    Ingredients: Maple Syrup


  • Wild Rice

    KC’s BEST MN Cultivated Long Grain Wild Rice


    #1 Best Seller- KC’s Best Minnesota Cultivated Long Grain Wild Rice. This long grain, “extra fancy” wild rice, is our most popular and best selling wild rice! The dark finish provides a beautiful plate presentation!
    Offered in 12 oz or 16 oz.


  • Mixes & Batters

    Wild Rice Pancake Mix


    Enjoy our Wild Rice Pancake mix, handmade in Red Lake, MN. Please note that our pancake mix contains wheat and is not suitable for those with gluten sensitivities. Stock up on our fresh and delicious Wild Rice Pancake mix today!

    Ingredients: Red Lake Nation wild rice flour, unbleached wheat flour, enriched bleached wheat flour, aluminum free baking powder (Mono Calcium phosphate, baking soda, corn starch) salt.

    Allergen statement: contains wheat. 


  • Food

    Native American Herbal Tea


    “Herbal tea blends based on stories and legends of how the American Indians used herbal tea in their culture. Native American Herbal Tea is dedicated to providing the finest quality and most delicious herbal teas available.”Try our selection today!


  • Food

    Wild Blueberry Jam


    Our Wild Blueberry (Miinan) Jam is locally gathered, harvested and produced by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa in Minnesota. Made in small batches to ensure the freshest possible product makes it to your table. Try it on pancakes, muffins, your favorite breads, and more!

     Ingredients: Wild Blueberries, water, sugar, citric acid, pectin.


Authenticity Guaranteed

Nawapo.com, a Red Lake Incorporated Company, is an online marketplace for Red Lake Nation Foods Products and KC's Best Wild Rice Products.  Same great products, same great people, one new look.  Enjoy shopping all Red Lake Nation Inc Brands with confidence at Nawapo.com

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Pure Products Sourced Locally

Pure products sourced locally are important because they not only have consistent quality and safety, but they also support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation. This is particularly important in industries such as agriculture and food production, where locally sourced products can also promote sustainable farming practices and help preserve regional biodiversity.

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