The Secret Garden’s Soup Collection



Discover The Secret Garden’s Soup Collection, an array of exquisite soups that embodies the essence of Park Rapids, MN. This collection presents a range of favorites, including the renowned Cream of Wild Rice Soup, the harmonious Wild Rice Asparagus Soup, the elegant Cauliflower Wild Rice Soup, and the inventive Wild Rice Split Pea Soup, among others.

Each soup is a testament to the artistry and dedication that The Secret Garden pours into its creations. Crafted with locally sourced ingredients, these soups offer a genuine taste of the region’s flavors, bringing the community’s culinary traditions to life.

The Cream of Wild Rice Soup envelops you in a luscious blend of wild rice and creamy textures, while the Wild Rice Asparagus Soup provides a refreshing interplay between vibrant asparagus and the earthy nuances of wild rice.

The Cauliflower Wild Rice Soup, a delicate fusion of cauliflower and hearty wild rice, presents a sophisticated medley of flavors. The Wild Rice Split Pea Soup, an inventive combination of two classics, guarantees a filling and gratifying dining experience.

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming aromas and flavors that only locally made and handcrafted soups can provide. The Secret Garden’s Soup Collection is an invitation to partake in the rich culinary heritage of Park Rapids, MN. With every spoonful, you embark on a journey through the region’s culinary tapestry, connecting with its flavors and traditions.

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Cream of Wild Rice, Wild Rice Asparagus, Cauliflower Wild Rice, Wild Rice Vegetable, Wild Rice Leek and Potato, Minnesota Minnestrone, Wild Rice Split Pea, Wild Rice Tomato, White Bean Chili, Broccoli Rice, Wild Rice and Mushroom

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