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Tracking Information

Nawapo, and their sister company KC’s BEST Wild Rice, both use the same account to print labels and prepare their orders for shipment. As a result, an email will come from KC’s BEST Wild Rice but will include the tracking number for your most recent Nawapo order. The company they use for this process is […]

What is the return policy for non-food items?

You have 30 days from the date of arrival to review your non-food items and return them if desired. The items must show no signs of wear or use, and the buyer is responsible for return shipping. Please contact us with any discrepancies and to initiate a claim.

Can I purchase wholesale from KC’s Best Wild Rice or Red Lake Nation Foods?

Yes, you can order in bulk and wholesale from both KC’s Best Wild Rice and Red Lake Nation Foods, even though we source wild rice and other food items from our vendors. Visit for KC’s Best Wild Rice, and for Red Lake Nation Foods, inquire about wholesale at (218) 679-2611.

What happens if my order arrives damaged? Or is missing?

What happens if my order arrives damaged? Or is missing? All products are inspected by our team before getting shipped out and are packaged to ensure a safe trip from us to you, but if something arrives broken or scratched, you can send intact items back for a refund. If your order never arrives we […]

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