Introducing Compass Rose Products to Nawapo!

Introducing Compass Rose Products to Nawapo!

Compass Rose was born out of a simple yet heartfelt desire: to find the perfect gifts for the special events in our lives. When faced with a season filled with wedding celebrations, we wanted to offer gifts that were not only personalized but also deeply meaningful—gifts that would make you think of someone special the minute you saw them, even if that someone was you!

The journey began in our guest bedroom, transformed into a small warehouse filled with inventory, ready to launch our online retail store. Every detail, from the logo to the inventory selection, was meticulously crafted from scratch. With a shared vision and determination, my now-husband Jordan and I took the leap into entrepreneurship.

Our first brick-and-mortar store opened in a cozy space on the south end of Bemidji, MN. This intimate setting taught us valuable lessons about our customers’ preferences and the essence of our business. The positive feedback and growing demand fueled our ambition to expand further.

An opportunity arose in downtown Bemidji, offering a larger space to house our dreams. Moving to this new location allowed us to create a unique shopping experience. We also introduced The TreeHouse, a creative space for the community, where we hosted birthday parties, private events, and creative classes.

As our business evolved, we responded to community needs by launching herNorth, a space for women to learn, grow, create, and support each other. The challenges of COVID-19 tested our resilience, but we adapted with creativity and determination, offering crafting kits, curbside pick-up, and local deliveries. Eventually, we repurposed The TreeHouse into a fulfillment center to meet increasing demand.

Throughout this journey, our logo and name have held special significance. Inspired by my Grandpa Hank, who taught me the art of navigation, the compass rose represents true north—a symbol of guidance and direction. The design blends masculine and feminine elements, reflecting the heart and soul of our brand.

We are excited to bring Compass Rose products to Our personalized, heartfelt gifts are perfect for any occasion, whether for loved ones or yourself. Nawapo currently offers Compass Rose coffee mugs, swedish dishcloths, insulated tumblers and insulated camp mugs! Shop today and discover the unique blend of tradition, creativity, and community that Compass Rose offers. SHOP HERE

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