What is the vetting process?

What is the vetting process?

Vetting Process for Authentic Native American Goods and Wares

Introduction We have a thorough vetting process to ensure that all the goods and wares on our marketplace are authentic and made by Native artists. Here’s how we do it.

History and Importance When Indigenous people in North America were not allowed to make their own regalia and crafts or hold powwow celebrations, non-natives took over making many of these works. Today, we want to give Native artists a platform to display and sell their work while protecting buyers and ensuring they purchase handmade crafts from Indigenous creators. This way, we can promote and preserve authentic Native American goods and wares.

The Vetting Process Our vetting process is easy and unintrusive for our Indigenous sellers. After submitting an application, we’ll give you a quick call to get to know you and your work. This allows us to ensure that you’re Indigenous and that the products you sell are handmade. Register to learn more about our Nawapo “badge,” which shows your distinction as a verified and accomplished seller.

Legal Considerations It’s essential to note that the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 makes it illegal in the United States to sell products that falsely suggest they are Indian-made.

In summary, our vetting process protects both our Indigenous sellers and buyers. We’re committed to promoting and preserving authentic Native American goods and wares made by Native artists. Join us in supporting Indigenous communities and bringing their beautiful creations to the world.

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