(“Maple Sugar Moon”, Anishinaabemowin) is upon us! 

(“Maple Sugar Moon”, Anishinaabemowin) is upon us! 

Nawapo is an online marketplace that connects community-conscious buyers with independent Indigenous creators. Our goal is to provide a safe and reputable place to purchase authentic Native American goods and wares. To achieve this, we inspect each product to ensure the highest quality and guarantee authenticity through our vetting process. You can support Native American culture and heritage by bringing unique and beautiful creations to the world.

This month’s featured product is the Maple Syrup and Wild Rice Combo for $14.50 (over 10% off). Indigenous communities in North America have a rich history of using maple syrup, and the Ojibwe people have a long-standing relationship with sugarbush – a term used to describe a stand of sugar maple trees. Sugarbush is an essential part of Ojibwe culture and economy as it provides the sap used to produce maple syrup.

The Ojibwe people consider the sugar maple tree a sacred plant with practical and spiritual significance. They use the sap collected from the tree to create maple syrup, an important source of nutrition and a medicine with healing properties. Traditional Ojibwe dishes, such as maple sugar cakes and maple syrup dumplings, incorporate maple syrup. Collecting maple syrup is a time-honored tradition that requires knowledge, patience, and skill.

Compared to other sweeteners, maple syrup has several health benefits. It is a natural sweetener that contains antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. It has a lower glycemic index, making it a good choice for people with diabetes. You can support Indigenous communities and enjoy a natural, sustainable sweetener in a variety of dishes with our Maple Syrup and Wild Rice Combo

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