Discovering the Beauty of Séka Hills: A Warm Welcome to the Nawapo Family!

Discovering the Beauty of Séka Hills: A Warm Welcome to the Nawapo Family!

We’re absolutely delighted to introduce you to Séka Hills, the latest addition to our Nawapo family! The name ‘Séka Hills’ carries a deep meaning, rooted in their native Patwin language – it translates to ‘blue.’ This beautiful name is a nod to the serene blue hills that grace their beloved homeland in the enchanting Capay Valley of Northern California. It’s a name infused with honor and reverence, and we’re excited to share their journey with you.

For countless generations, the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation has nurtured the stunning landscapes of the Capay Valley. Picture oak forests, rolling hills, and vibrant grasslands – these are not just scenic views but a living canvas of culture, history, and tradition.

The heart of their ethos lies in environmental stewardship, a value that’s deeply ingrained. They’re on a mission to preserve their language and the wisdom of their ancestors, which is why they’re continuously growing as a community while nurturing the land that holds their past, present, and future.

In every decision they make, you’ll find a commitment to good environmental stewardship, a way of paying homage to their ancestors who lived in harmony with the land. The bond between them and the land is unbreakable, and they’re devoted to safeguarding it for the generations yet to come.

At Yocha Dehe Farm and Ranch, they’ve formed strong partnerships with local and national experts and agencies to implement cutting-edge technologies and best practices. They carefully choose crops that are naturally suited to the Capay Valley’s unique climate and soil, fostering a sustainable relationship with the land.

Water, as we all know, is precious. They’ve harnessed the power of innovation with a high-efficiency underground drip system for their certified organic fields, a testament to their commitment to responsible water usage. They’re also working diligently to protect their rangeland from erosion and have embraced the role of educator, hosting “field days” to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

Today, with over 25,000 acres in production, Séka Hills stands tall as one of Yolo County’s most diverse farming operations. Their journey embodies the spirit of growth and sustainability, making them one of the few tribes contributing to the expansion of agriculture in California.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the bounty of Séka Hills. From savory beef jerky and beef sticks to flavorful walnuts, garlic herb almonds, and the richness of olive oil and elderberry balsamic vinegar – these are more than just products. They’re a connection to a heritage, a celebration of nature’s abundance, and an invitation to be part of a journey toward sustainability.

Explore the treasures of Séka Hills now available on our site, and join us in welcoming this wonderful addition to our Nawapo family!

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