Embracing Tradition and Artistry: Narrows Crafts Joins the Nawapo Family

Embracing Tradition and Artistry: Narrows Crafts Joins the Nawapo Family

Greetings Nawapo community! We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our family of vendors: Narrows Crafts, founded by the talented Jerald Roberts, a proud member of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians. Let’s embark on a journey through the artistry and tradition that defines Narrows Crafts.

Narrows Crafts was born in the heart of Rockford, Minnesota, where Jerald Roberts began his creative venture. Starting with the simple beauty of cross cuts from antlers obtained through a successful hunt, Jerald’s journey into crafting took root. The initial cuts sparked an immediate intrigue, setting the stage for the evolution of his craft.

From those early experiments with antlers, Jerald explored different styles and shapes, incorporating hoops and tips into his creations. What began as a humble endeavor quickly transformed into a passion for craftsmanship, fueled by the excitement of discovering exotic antler shapes and dreaming up innovative designs.

One of the most rewarding aspects for Jerald is witnessing the joy his creations bring to friends, family, and customers across the country. Each piece is a testament to the rich tradition and artistry embedded in Narrows Crafts. The satisfaction of seeing individuals proudly wear his unique creations has become a driving force behind Jerald’s dedication to his craft.

Jerald Roberts extends his gratitude to everyone who has visited Narrows Crafts, appreciating the artistry and tradition woven into each piece. As he looks back on his creative journey, Jerald expresses his excitement about the future, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to craft more pieces for the world to see and wear proudly.

In the spirit of gratitude and tradition, Jerald leaves us with the word “Miigwech,” a heartfelt expression of thanks. We, at Nawapo, are honored to welcome Narrows Crafts and look forward to sharing the beauty of Jerald Roberts’ creations with our community. Join us in celebrating the union of tradition and artistry as we embark on this exciting new chapter with Narrows Crafts.

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